Lidimentos is a fine artist based in London. Buy original paintings, parchis deluxe (parcheesi) or prints. Know the stories behind the paintigs.
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      As a child I used brush stroke with water against a cement wall to create my art pieces; the heat from the sun gave them a temporary life span.

      Today, oil painting is the primary medium of my works. I like this technique because of the light, energy, and brightness of its colours, even when I try to soften the range in some paintings. I have a particular interest in humans’ ordinary social activities as it is a common theme in most of my paintings. The title of each painting reflects its meaning or story behind them. I am inspired by the photographs from my travels. They serve as a model that represents reprehensible or contradictory situations.

      I paint portraits of ordinary people who represent attitudes or feelings that I admire and have an effect on my emotions. My paintings are not a hobby or just a job. They are an escape route to find calm and show my emotions and worries through scenes that represent and emphasise my most inner thoughts and experiences that I am very passionate about.

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